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Mergers and Acquisitions

There is a significant risk of financial loss if the pension aspects of a deal are not fully analysed.

Our experienced team can help you to consider the pension aspects of any proposed purchase. Alternatively, if you are preparing a company for sale we can help you appreciate the relevant issues from the purchaser's perspective so that any proposed deal can progress smoothly.

The existing actuary to the pension fund will be acting on behalf of the trustees and possibly on behalf of the sponsoring employer. It is essential, therefore, that any party acquiring an interest in the company should have impartial and independent advice in relation to the pension fund and its assets and liabilities.

Many deals are concluded with great secrecy and in a short time scale. It is imperative that a purchaser takes proper advice at the earliest possible stage. Far too often, the pension aspects of such deals have been ignored, leaving the purchaser considering the merits or otherwise of the deal in the absence of significant information which has only come to light after the deal is concluded. In many instances, the attractiveness of the deal has dramatically changed.

Pension provision is a complicated, highly specialised topic and the need for sound professional advice is never more evident than during the negotiations surrounding the acquisition of a company or business.

If you would like to discuss how we can help, please contact Joe Byrne.

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